November mixtape

Don’t fight with me on this – Autumn is the best season. The smell of crumbling leaves; the limited-edition coffee; the chill in the air that’s biting enough to make you want to wrap yourself up in your favourite scarf but not so freezing you’d need to ruin your outfit with unsightly layers (off-white woolly thermals, here’s looking at you). These all swirl together to make Autumn a season of pure loveliness. And what could be better than a new playlist to keep you company as you try to ignore impending Christmas stress?

  1. Scarecrow – Lukr
  2. All the Pretty Girls – Kaleo
  3. Botanical Romance – Isobel Anderson
  4. Grendel’s Mother – The Mountain Goats
  5. Same Drugs – Chance the Rapper
  6. 33 GOD – Bon Iver
  7. Winter Is All Over You (Baauer Remix) – First Aid Kit
  8. Space Song – Beach House
  9. My Manic & I – Laura Marling
  10. Maize Stalk Drinking Blood – The Mountain Goats (I’m kind of a TMG fan if you hadn’t guessed)




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